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What really matters to us is what our clients think. And there’s no better way to see what they think than to see what they’re saying. So check out some of the things our clients have been posting, messaging and emailing about us.

“If you are looking for a personal trainer while you are in Bali, Gede is your man! He is internationally qualified, knows how to work every muscle in your body and will get you into great shape. You will love his boot camp sessions. It's the best way to meet the locals. You will be flipping tyres, doing obstacle courses and all sorts of other crazy fun things. It's for all ages and all fitness levels. It pays 2befit while you're in paradise. I promise you won't regret it!”

Luisa Martin, Australia (Bootcamp & Personal Training – Bali)

"Had the best time training with the 2befit team whilst in Canggu. The workouts and the environment were something I’ve never experienced before, both trainers Gede and Dede were experienced and knowledgeable and were able to personalize the program to Individuals. It was a whole lot of hard work and fun and I’ll definitely be back, thanks guys!!"

Hayley Diana (Personal Training Session - Bali)

"So happy to have found this training!!! I can’t think of a better way to start the morning with a punch and get positive energy flowing all day! Lots of challenges in here but the exercises are fun, the location dreamy, you stay fit, meet cool people and the trainers are hot!!! Enough said! Join us!!!"

Hasina Rm (Bootcamp, Batu Bolong – Bali)



I have been training with Gede for almost 2 months at our Bali villa. I’m so impressed by the physical changes both in physique and fitness levels in such a short space of time. My goal when I signed up with Gede was to get lean and fit. Already I’m 3,5kg lighter, dropped a dress size, lots of centimetres off and feel so much fitter. The programming is challenging & varied which I enjoy and it works! Training only 4x a week, no starvation and loads of laughs. Most importantly it’s sustainable and something I can do long term. Everything is personalised and I got programs for when I was on holiday (where I even lost weight). He checks in regularly and genuinely cares about your success. Thanks so much Gede - really appreciate it. Looking forward to the next months of training. Highly recommended."

Vanessa Hallick (Personal Training Session - Bali)


“I have been training with Gede and his team at Batu Bolong beach for the past 6 months and have been really impressed with how every work out is different. Battle ropes, kettle bells, truck tires, sandbags and jump ropes are just some of the things that you get to have fun with :) Even though the work out is carried out in a group setting, Gede still takes the time to help each individual with his/her technique and pushes you to do better.

I am no stranger to intense work outs, but seeing that this work out is on sand, it does make it tougher, and my overall fitness level and endurance have definitely improved. I can highly recommend 2BeFit, and love how those 7am work outs give me a great start to my day!

Jasmine Logager (Bootcamp, Batu Bolong – Bali)

“Challenging training program and motivating, creative coaches. Suitable for all fitness levels. Gede is professional and dedicated to his clients and job. Would recommend to anyone!!”

Lauren Schwenke, Australia (Bootcamp & Personal Training – Bali)


“A year after having two kids back to back I was ready to loose the weight I had gained in each pregnancy. After seeing Gede’s bootcamp on the beach in Bali I contacted him to ask about personal training and he showed up at my villa the next week ready to train. I wasn’t so keen and the first session was hard but slowly Gede and now Dede have both helped build my strength and fitness back. It’s been a journey of not just loosing some weight but becoming strong and confident.”

Kelly Eastman, Australia (Personal Training - Bali)

"Bali bootcamp is awesome. Gede and Dede are super knowledgeable and inspiring. The workouts are different every time, and they've gotten me in better shape than ever before."
Simon, Australia (Bootcamp - Bali)

"Awesome boot camp with variety every session. Kicks my ass every time."
Ezra, New York (Bootcamp - Bali)

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