About us

If you are looking for group training, personal training, bootcamps, yoga & pilates, muay thai, boxing or retreats in Bali - 2befit Bali has everything!


2befit Bali has something for everyone, no matter their age or fitness level. Our programs keep you constantly inspired and challenged so that you can meet your fitness goals.


Be strong. Be fast. Be flexible. Be powerful. We are dedicated to pushing you to your limit. We are here to encourage you to be the best version of yourself. Your wellbeing should be your first priority, which makes it ours as well.


Our Trainers in Bali are fully qualified to help you meet your fitness goals. If you are on a holiday or if you live in bali. From the person looking to start a workout routine for the first time to a marathon runner or olympian, we have the right trainer and right type of fitness plan that you need. 

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Trainer Profiles

Gede, personal trainer, lead bootcamp trainer
Founder, Head Trainer


Gede is an accomplished personal trainer with years of experience in personal training. He is the founder of 2befit Bali with a vision for a healthier, fitter future. In addition to bespoke personal training sessions, Gede is qualified in Muay Thai, boxing and a BOSU® trainer, as well as a certified functional trainer.


Gede is also Les Mills certified: 

  • RPM

  • Body Pump

  • TRX

Some of Gede's trusted clients include Olympic gold-medalist Michael Klim, three-time Olympic medalist Andrew Lauterstein, rugby player Nathan Charles, netball athlete Shae Brown. 

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bali personal trainer, bali bootcamp personal trainer
Personal Trainer, Bootcamp Coach


Dede is a passionate coach with a lifetime of knowledge in training; his background as a professional basketball player ensures his dedication to physical fitness.

Apart from running the 2befit bootcamps, Dede is also a professional model.

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Personal Trainer, Bootcamp Coach, Boxing Coach, Swimming Coach


Before becoming a highly qualified Personal Trainer 5 years ago, Ari has achieved various milestones in his fitness career and took part in a lot of competitions, such as triathlon and swimming. He is a ball of energy, who makes sure that you reach whatever goals you set for yourself. ​

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personal trainer in bali, bootcamp coach in bali, muay thai in bali


Taree began her soul-searching journey when she first set her foot on the Island of the Gods seven years ago. 

Taree has completed her 200 hours teacher training with Ananda Marga Bali which earned her the Sanskrit name through numerous meditation practices and also a certified 50 hr Yin Yoga Instructor.  


Combining her Yoga practice with other fitness exercises such as running, cross fit and bootcamp, she created Yogardio Flow, which accommodates those who think yoga is too slow. With Yogardio Flow Taree believes she could reach more people with Yang habit ( Yang is a term used to describe the more dynamic and active forms of yoga or any other activities ) to try Yoga in order to oil their flexibility and improve core strength. The practice of beautiful Yoga poses that Taree teaches also centralized on the essential credo of “listening to our own body”. 

Taree has a very happy and cheerful personality and will give you a fun Yoga session and experience in Bali. 

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personal trainer in bali, bootcamp coach in bali, muay thai in bali
Dwi Ajeng


Dwi’s journey began in 2011 when she walked into a yoga class without knowing anything about yoga. She walked out of the class feeling relaxed and knew her life had changed.

Dwi worked hard for her Yoga Teacher Certificate 2 years ago and has been teaching and loving it ever since.

Dwi believes that Yoga is suitable for everyone and enjoys adjusting and modifying the poses to suit differing needs for each of her students. She feels a great sense of satisfaction seeing students completely relaxed after their practices and is honoured to be able to teach students to find peace within themselves and inner strength.

Dwi’s yoga classes in Bali are about self-discovery, challenge, fun and consciousness.

Try one of Dwi's Yoga sessions and you like her will walk out feeling relaxed and a new you. 

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She only started her yoga since she came to Bali a few years ago and it’s been on and off until finally she decided to join Udana Yoga School 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training and finish it in 2017. Since then her passion to yoga became stronger and she felt teaching is the best way to learn more. Besides teaching yoga for private villas and hotels, she also has regular classes in Jimbaran Hub, she does corporates too and a few regular private clients.


To enrich her yoga skill practice, she joins workshops such as Yin Yoga with Nyoman Wahyuni, Lower Back Pain with Putu Dwijendra  and Arm Balance with Keith Lee. She also actively involves in yoga festivals around Bali.


She believes yoga is for everyone, different age, shape, sizes and needs. Her main purpose is to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle from inside and outside. She is convinced that yoga brings benefits for your mind, body and soul.

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